About & History

A family-style summer resort

Hiram Blake and his wife Iantha founded Hiram Blake Camp in 1916, but the Blake family had already been on the land for a while.

The oldest cabin, Gull’s Roost, a squatter’s cabin built from shipwreck lumber, was on the property when the land was purchased by Timothy Blake from Andrew Gray who was granted the land by King George III. In fact, the southeast corner of the Cape shows on maps as “Blake’s Point.” Gull’s Roost has been moved and remodeled many times since the 18th Century; it currently sits at the end of the dock, with a great view of the constantly-changing dock activity.

The camp has always been a family operation, in every way. First run as a cooperative venture by Hiram and Iantha’s descendants, it’s now open to  guests who join our family for one or several weeks every year.

My husband Dave and I are the current proprietors.  I’m Hiram and Iantha’s great-granddaughter. We’ve shared our tradition with five generations of guests since the Camp’s founding, and we look forward to sharing it with you and your family.

-Deb Ludlow

Please note that many of the images on this website have been contributed by our guests. We are grateful for their permission.